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Social Good

Social Good is a digital agency that uses social media for good.

We are digital communicators, specialists in marketing, social media, digital training and communications. Strategic, system-wide thinking is what we do best. We use digital channels, data, insights and knowledge to make the best decisions for the people we work with. Our work is focused, we run campaigns and deliver messaging that has a positive impact on people and the planet.

Alongside our campaigns, we do custom digital training and strategy workshops. We love empowering people in digital and social media!

Social Good is proud to sponsor the Innovation Award. Our work relies on innovation in technology, the platforms we use and the way we connect. Kia ngākau pai te tipu te rea i te ao matihiko, “growing goodness in the digital world” is our slogan and we have loved seeing the good things this industry is growing. We are encouraged by all of the world-leading innovative work by organisations in this space and we look forward to supporting it in the future.

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