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Recycle a device


Recycle a Device (RAD) is a nationwide not for profit that tracks down donations of old and outdated laptops and teaches high school students to diagnose and repair issues. Refurbished devices are then gifted to rangatahi who need them for employment, education, connecting with services, and general participation in society, but would otherwise have difficulty accessing them.

Participation in RAD encourages all communities involved (from businesses to schools to device recipients) to rethink their approach to waste and how they can participate in the circular economy, while also equipping students and community members with project management, responsibility, teamwork, problem solving and STEM skills to carry them into the future. RAD's goal for 2022 is to get 5000 devices into the hands of those who need them.

RAD supports businesses by offering a low-cost, low effort and data secure option for reducing e-waste and retiring ex-fleet laptops, making progress towards corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals, and supports the community by making a positive difference in the lives of young people - teaching tech and STEM skills, and providing the knowledge and equipment needed to help bridge the digital divide. Previous donors include Spark, Christchurch City Council, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Qrious, Catalyst IT, Verizon, Aurecon and InternetNZ.

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