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At NZ Compare we strive to create a comparison culture across the country.  

Our vision across the last 5 years, is grounded in the belief that fair, easy-to-use comparison services should be available and realistically accessible to all Kiwis, to help them make fully informed purchasing decisions. Too much information can often cause choice paralysis, we help the consumer to overcome that issue by empowering them through our technology, supported by our Customer First approach. NZ Compare makes comparing the many options across Power, Broadband, Money, Mobile and more, easy, safe and hassle free. 

COMPARE.SAVE.REPEAT. We are passionate about Kiwis adopting this behaviour. 

Utilising innovative affiliate marketing technology, we work in partnership with most of New Zealand’s utility and service providers to offer a comprehensive choice of plans for each customer. We work hard to increase transparency and competition within the New Zealand marketplace that benefits the consumer.  

We offer a free to use service, whether you’re moving house or just wanting to know what your options are, you can trust in NZ Compare and it’s brands to do right by Kiwis.

To date, well over 3.6 million consumers have visited our websites and over 45,000 Kiwis have switched providers or plans with our help.  We are here to help Kiwis compare what’s out there.
Visit our websites to compare today or call our NZ based Customer Support Team. | 0508 226 672

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