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Excel Sales provides door-to-door and telesales professionals who can help you meet your sales targets faster. Our team of over 40 sales professionals excel at closing deals and generating revenue for your operations. For more than five years, Excel has been New Zealand’s leader in outsourced sales, helping a wide variety of established and emerging companies reach and exceed their sales targets. Along the way, we have earned respect for consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations and driving sustained revenue growth. 

Based in Auckland, we service across New Zealand with B2B and B2C door-to-door and telesales expertise. Our outsourced sales teams use sophisticated targeting tools to deliver results. Outsourcing your sales team to Excel saves you the time and expense of hiring, training, and managing a sales team. We have honed our sales pitch over five years of successful operations and can deliver results to you sooner than if you were to set up your own sales department. 

We succeed for our customers by being passionate about consumers, offering our partners flexible contacts, making the right pairings of clients and contracts, and constantly measuring results against your own KPIs. We bundle it all with a continuous feedback loop that seeks constant improvements across all of our metrics. We are a high acquisition channel and have proudly added over 30000+ customers to our client partners predominantly in Telco and Energy sector in the past 5 years and our eminent sales agents are ready to add a lot more for your business.  |  0800EXCEL3  |  092185743  |

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