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Making a Difference

Awarded to a NZ provider, organisation or individual that is making a difference within their industry, community, people, staff or peers through leading positive change, improvements and inspiring others to follow their example. The entrant does not need to work within the Broadband, Energy or Mobile sectors of NZ to be eligible.
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Entry Criteria

Each award entry must begin with a brief overview of your company, product or service that relates to the category you are entering.

Entries (maximum 1,500 word count excluding your brief company, service or product overview and testimonials) will then be assessed against the following criteria:

1. Leadership (30%)
Describe the initiative(s) the entrant has introduced and explain why it was introduced and the problem or challenge it was seeking to solve.

2. Outcomes and Results (30%)
What extraordinary outcomes or results have been achieved by the entrant in their industry or organisation that ‘makes a difference’ to their industry, community, people, staff or peers?

3. Analysis (30%)
How do you gauge or measure the delivery of ‘difference’ to the recipients?
How do you measure the impact of the initiatives on the target audience?

4. Open-ended Response (10%)
Any other information to support the entrant explaining why you or your service should win over and above other entrants.

How to enter

The deadline for receipt of your entry is 17:00 or 5pm on 17 October 2023.

There is NO fee charged for entering this award category. 

GCGL will not accept additional material by email or other means unless there are exceptional circumstances and with our permission. GCGL will not accept any entry made after 17:00 on 17 October 2023. 

If you need any help, just get in touch with our awards team on

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